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Samsung QE55QN85BATXXN 4K QLED | QE55QN85BATXXN | Van Domburg Partners

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55″ Neo QLED 4K 55QN85B (2022)

Now with €200 discount, immediately settled
55″ Neo QLED 4K
Exceptional contrast and sublime brightness
Realistic bright picture (Quantum HDR 1500)
Super thin TV of 27mm
Intense sound that follows the action on screen (OTS)
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Expand your field of vision with new viewing experiences

Ultra-precise light control

Quantum Matrix Technology

The updated Neo QLED features Quantum Matrix Technology for precise control of our exclusive, new Quantum Mini LED. With precise light control, you’ll enjoy more detail in both the darkest and brightest colors.

Intelligent processor with deep learning

Neo Quantum Processor 4K

Samsung’s powerful quantum processor with deep learning delivers the most accurate and flexible experience imaginable. The processor optimizes your image during every scene and enhances your content. Thanks to the powerful 4K AI upscaling, you always benefit from full 4K resolution.

* Viewing experience may vary depending on content type and format. * Upscaling may not apply to PC connection and game mode.

Dolby Atmos with top channel speakers

Dolby Atmos®

Samsung’s new top channel speakers make the Dolby Atmos experience even more intense, so when watching a movie or gaming, you can be totally immersed in the action with multidimensional sound.

* Top channel is not available in 50/43″.

All your favorite content in one place

Smart Hub

In the new Samsung Smart Hub, the navigation is optimized to find your favorite content even faster, so you can enjoy movies and much more for longer.

* Streaming services and recommendations may vary by region. * Before using for the first time, please accept the Smart Hub terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

Smart image for an optimal viewing experience

EyeComfort Mode

Samsung’s EyeComfort Mode pre-loads sunset and sunrise times and automatically adjusts brightness and colors according to the light intensity. This reduces the strain on your eyes when watching TV, so you can relax and rest more easily.

3-dimensional depth with powerful neural networks

Real Depth Enhancer

The human eye perceives depth by increasing the contrast between foreground and background. Real Depth Enhancer does exactly the same. For example, when you watch a nature documentary, an elephant’s wrinkles come into focus while the background remains the same. Just as if you were standing face to face with the elephant.

More than one billion colors with Quantum Dot

100% color volume with Quantum Dot

Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology combines a tremendously bright picture with natural and intense colors. QLED TVs are the first TVs with a certified 100% color volume. So in a beautiful sunset at sea, you can still see the blue tones in the dark seawater.

Dynamic contrast for vivid colors that splash off the screen

Quantum HDR 1500

Rich, true-to-life colors and deep contrast with razor-sharp detail and nuance. HDR10+’s Dynamic Tone Mapping adjusts color and contrast on a scene-by-scene basis.

* Quantum HDR brightness range is based on internal testing and depends on specific conditions and specifications.

Exceptional motion enhancements in 4K 120Hz

Motion Xcelerator Turbo+

Overcome any enemy, even at top speed. The exceptional motion enhancements up to 4K 120Hz provide an extremely smooth experience during gaming, without lag and motion blur.

* Q80B 50′ : Motion Xcelerator

Shock-free HDR gaming with low latency without jitters or choppiness

FreeSync Premium Pro

With Certified AMD FreeSync Premium Pro™ core technology, you’ll benefit from less shake and tearing on the screen. What’s more, with the combination of smooth gaming with the very best performance, visuals with an exceptionally high dynamic range and low latency, you have optimal chances of winning.

* Viewing experience may vary depending on content and graphics processing unit.

TV and soundbar in perfect harmony


Surround yourself with sound from the TV and soundbar in perfect harmony. Thanks to Q-Symphony, the TV and soundbar speakers can be used simultaneously for a better surround effect without having to mute the TV speakers.

* Q-Symphony is only available with a compatible soundbar. Check Q-Symphony compatibility in your soundbar’s product specifications.

Action tracking sound

Object Tracking Sound (OTS).

Enjoy the nuances of every scene with sound that follows every movement. Thanks to the upward-firing speakers, you’ll experience realistic 3D sound that immerses you.

* Q80B 50′ : OTS Lite

Elegant profile with a modern, slim silhouette

NeoSlim Design

Elegant, ultra-slim and sleek design looks beautiful from all angles and like a work of art.

Your own private butler


Relax and leave everything to your smart butler. With SmartThings, seamlessly connect to all your smart devices in the home and control everything with your remote or via voice control while watching TV.

* Available technology, functions and features may vary by country, carrier, network environment or product and are subject to change without notice. * Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless network connection is required and each device must be signed into the SmartThings app. * Connected devices are sold separately.

Video calling on the big screen

Video Call Application

Google Duo lets you chat with friends and family on the big screen. With the Samsung SlimFit Cam or your smartphone’s camera, video calling is easier than ever.

* Compatible Samsung SlimFit Cam or compatible Logitech webcam or mobile camera required. * Sold separately.

Free TV, without obligations

Samsung TV Plus

Enjoy free live streaming content on your TV with Samsung TV Plus. Choose from a variety of channels with current content: there’s something for everyone.

* Content services may vary by region and are subject to change without notice.

See everything on just one screen

Multi View

Watch what’s on TV while keeping an eye on your mobile on the same screen. Whether it’s live sports results or video instructions for games, just connect your phone to watch multiple screens at once.

* Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. * Q6*B only compatible with Android OS.


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